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806kg of cocaine recovered after Colombian & Honduran military track narco jet from Venezuela.

Honduras - In the early morning of July 20th an American registered Beechcraft B200 Super King Air took off from the Maracaibo area in Venezuela and headed north around La Guajira, Colombia. This was another one of the hundreds of flights over the last 2 years that make up the Cartel de los Soles "air bridge" to Honduras & Guatemala.

A source in the Honduras Technical Agency for Criminal Investigation (ATIC) explained that the Colombian Navy first detected the flight when it was off the coast of La Guajira and informed the Honduras Special Prosecutor's Office against Organized Crime (FESCCO).

FESCCO in turn informed ATIC and the Honduran Air Force, who used their own Beechcraft Super King Air maritime patrol aircraft to track the flight. Once the narco pilot lined up and began descending to land ATIC was able to determine they were headed towards Brus Laguna Airfield, a dirt runway in the far east of the country.

ATIC deployed their forces to surround the plane once it was on the ground. As the pilot landed the front landing gear collapsed, causing the nose to dig into the ground and bending the propeller blades on both engines.

Once on the ground ATIC searched the plane and found it contained 26 bundles, each containing between 30-35 kilo's of suspected cocaine.

As I was going through photo's taken of the team cataloguing the evidence in the plane I noticed a man who stuck out from the others. My source was not able to confirm my suspicions that this is in-fact a DEA agent, but I have obscured his face out of an abundance of caution to protect his identity.

From Brus Laguna the Air Force used a Bell 412 helicopter to transport the suspected narcotics back to Hernán Acosta Mejía air base where the bundles were opened and the individual contents catalogued. Different bundles contained different brand names including "Blue Elephant" and "Bentley". With a total weight of 806kg the cargo would be worth between $16-20 million once it reached the United States.

The aircraft with tail number N740P has a current and valid registration to SYF LLC. who also own several other small float planes. I wonder where they are tonight?

Written with information and images from mp.hn