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Drugs, Cash & Gold: How the goods are moved in Venezuela. The final instalment in our 3 part series

Over the years there have been numerous & increasing instances where aircraft from Venezuela were discovered to be involved in smuggling. Sometimes when customs conducted their inspection, other times pilots have landed on a clandestine airstrip or even a busy highway and set the plane on fire after transferring the cargo of cocaine to pickup trucks.

While not every flight is smuggling, the following planes have made multiple flights that are strongly indicative of illicit behaviour. Some examples of this behaviour are flying to a destination and only spending an hour on the ground before flying right back, making several trips to the same location in a single day, or making a quick stop over in a 3rd country to circumvent the increased scrutiny on direct flights between Venezuela and the United States.

HP3010 - Cessna 560 Citation V

YV3476 - Bombardier Learjet 55

YV2576 - Rockwell Turbo Commander

YV3310 - Cessna 550 Citation S/II

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Written with images and information from ADSBExchange.com