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Turkish business jet makes midnight visit to Venezuela

As the Maduro regime finds itself increasingly isolated on the international stage they have turned repeatedly to Turkey for assistance in evading US Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC) sanctions.

Sunday July 12 at just before midnight a Turkish registered Bombardier Global Express XRS touched down at Maiquetía "Simon Bolivar” International Airport near the Venezuelan capital Caracas after a little under 12 hour trip from Istanbul.

This particular jet which is outfitted in executive livery is very luxurious and is likely being used to ferry the well connected or "plugged in" people who still do business with the Venezuelan regime. It has traveled previously to Caracas, most recently in March departing from Istanbul on the 22nd making a stop in Moscow before continuing on the 23rd to Caracas.

This flight and others like it are used by the regime and their "Bag Men" like Alex Saab to smuggle cash, narcotics, gold and other assets to further enrich themselves at the expense of the Venezuelan people.

Written with Images and information from ADSBExchange.com