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U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton unloads $228 million in illicit narcotics.

On Wednesday August 26th the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton (WMSL 753) arrived back in Port Everglades after an almost three month deployment. During that time they conducted nine interdictions arresting twenty five suspected narcotics traffickers while seizing 9,700 pounds of cocaine and 9,000 pounds of marijuana.

While the Coast Guard press release indicated that the Hamilton made nine interdictions they only provided details for two. On July 21 while sailing in the Caribbean Sea CGC Hamilton detected a go fast boat making a run with an illicit cargo. We have video of the go fast boat making an attempt to outrun the Legend class cutter but they didn’t get far once the embarked Eurocopter MH-65 caught up. The door gunner fired off a few warning shots over the bow from “DOROTHY” a suppressed M110 made by Knight’s Armament before the boat slowed to a stop and was intercepted by a a Coast Guard Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB)

The second instance occurred on August 19, while in the Eastern Pacific. Hamilton’s crew while working alongside the USS Nitze interdicted a go-fast vessel 76 miles South of Panama. The Nitze is deployed with Team 406 of the Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachments which enables Navy ships to conduct counter-drug operations and enforce U.S. laws. Nitze launched their HH-60 Seahawk helicopter to provide airborne support and disabled the vessel while Hamilton’s boarding team conducted the boarding. The teamwork between Nitze and Hamilton led to the seizure of 1,500 kilograms of cocaine and apprehension of three suspected drug smugglers.

In a ceremony on Thursday the drugs seized by the Hamilton were unloaded along with the cargo’s seized by Coast Guard Cutter Resolute, USS Nitze & USS Shamal. The crew of the Resolute was responsible for one interdiction, seizing approximately 1,100 pounds of marijuana. The USS Zitze made two interdictions, one with assistance from the Hamilton & USS Shamal made one more interdiction with Team 109 for an additional 800 pounds of marijuana. In total the Hamilton unloaded 11,500 pounds of cocaine and 9,000 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated $228 million.

Written by Simon Bolivar

With information from Dividshub.com & U.S. Coast Guard

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