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USS Tripoli sails into the Caribbean joins others in port visit to Naval Air Station Guantanamo Bay.

On August 3rd the second America-Class amphibious assault ship USS Tripoli made a port visit to Naval Air Station Guantanamo Bay on its way to its new home port of San Diego. A derivative of the Wasp-class ships which are fitted with both an aircraft carrier-like full-length flight deck, island bridge, and hangar to support the aircraft that would shuttle U.S. Marines from ship to shore. The ships also included a floodable bay and large parking area to ferry Marine vehicles like the M1A1 Abrams main battle tank to the beach.

While the USS Tripoli has not been trackable on AIS there are 2 other ships currently in Naval Air Station Guantanamo Bay, USS Tornado and Coast Guard Cutter Winslow Griesser.

We don't know where the ship will head next but its possible a freedom of navigation operation is in the future.

Written by Simon Bolivar

Graphics and information from MarineTraffic.com & @USNavy